Jeffrey Ding

UCLA 2021

Student at Life

About Me

I'm Jeffrey Ding and my one word is agency.
My purpose in life is to help people and add value to their lives. To show them the same love others had shown me.
I study Business Economics and Accounting at UCLA because I fell in love with my introduction accounting course (said by no one ever).
I aspire to be an entrepreneur and my dream is improve the financial lives of millions of people, and help them retire and find their own purpose. My mission in life is to help others.
Even though school is important, learning doesn't end for me outside the classroom. I love reading self-help books and I've committed to be a lifelong learner, always picking up new skills and passions such as software development, portfolio management, and digital marketing.
I'm constantly learning new things on the fly through trial-and-error. Some of the things I've done are create a full-stack web and mobile application for a non-profit that automated and sped up their services, saving them $50,000 anually, and a global social media movement with over 6,000 members. Currently, I am learning about digital marketing and dropshipping.
During my "free-time", I'm learning about new investment opportunities and working on my ball game (Celtics and Patriots). Currently, I'm invested in Real Estate Crowdfunding and Exchange Traded Funds.
At UCLA, I'm a financial education mentor for Moneythink@UCLA, an intern for the Association of Chinese Americans, and an elderly care ministry volunteer for Gracepoint Acts2Fellowship.
I run all my projects through Aazncy, a Limited Liability Corporation I personally filed for in order to further my education. If you would like to follow my personal development, I write weekly blogs on the company website.

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